Gotsiridze metro station resumes operation

The full rehabilitation and renovation of the Gotsiridze metro station has been completed and from today the station will serve passengers as usual. Tbilisi City Hall disseminates information about this.

The renovated metro station was inspected today by the Mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze.

"The rehabilitation works of Gotsiridze metro station have been completed. As you know, the commissioning procedures were ongoing all this time. There were some flaws, there were some details to be corrected, which, of course, were taken into account. First of all, I would like to apologize to the public, to all those people who use public transport, specifically the metro, that the said metro station was closed for such a long time. I had to explain many times what was the reason for the delay in the works and why it was such a big problem. Unfortunately, there are companies that do not and cannot fulfill their obligations under the contract. In this particular case, the problem was that we had to change both contractor companies, and because of that, the time was extended. From tomorrow, the mentioned metro station will serve passengers," said Kakha Kaladze yesterday.

"As part of the rehabilitation of the station, the interior and exterior were renovated, the passenger boarding platform was completely covered and its reinforcement works were carried out. Also, the station was adapted for disabled people: two elevators were installed and special tactile paths were arranged. Both the vestibule of the station and the platform were rehabilitated. Rooms for employees were renovated and the sound system was changed in accordance with modern standards. The electrical systems of the station were completely replaced. The passenger reception platform was also rehabilitated. The budget of the project amounted to 4.7 million GEL," the information reads.

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