With the support of Basisbank, a residential complex is being built in Didi Digomi  by the company "Bilderz"

Basisbank, as one of the largest financiers of Georgian business, continues to support the development and construction sector. This time in partnership with the Bank in the most demanded area of Tbilisi - Didi Digomi, on the street. Strabo No. 40, the development company Bilderz is building a 12-storey residential complex.

The total cost of the project is 4 million US dollars, and the financial support provided by the Bank is 3 million US dollars.

The construction of the complex of international standards includes 2800 sq. M. Residential complex of 144 apartments with open and closed parking, located in a safe environment, combines commercial, office and residential areas. "Bilderz Didi Digomi" have a well-maintained green yard with an area of 1000 sq.m, a children's room and a recreation area.

The construction of the residential complex will be completed in December this year, and residential and office premises with an area of 45 sq.m., in a green frame condition, will be transferred to the customer. Those wishing to purchase an apartment can use a simplified mortgage loan from Basisbank. The application can be filled online.

“The company Bilderz is established on a solid financial basis, from a team with long-term experience, and like all projects, “Bilderz Didi Digomi” is fully funded in advance. Bilderz Didi Digomi is a 12-story residential building that we managed to realize with the support of a strong and professional Basibank team. I am glad that, in partnership with Basisbank, we are implementing such an important project, which is highly reliable, and offer our residents a safe living environment built from environmentally friendly materials.” - said George Arveladze, Managing Partner of Bilderz.

“One of priorities of Basisbank is to support the construction sector. The implementation of such projects is important for the country as a whole, and also contributes to the development of the construction industry and strengthening the economy. I am glad that we are partnering with a company that is highly reliable among customers, and we are proud that another successful project is being implemented in partnership with us, which, in general, will have a positive impact on the business environment.”- Said Gigi Gabunia, Commercial Director of Basisbank.


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