Shalva Papuashvili: Khatuna Samnidze's statement is an attempt to escape from the ship that was directed against the Georgian state

Khatuna Samnidze's statement is an attempt to escape from the ship that was directed against the Georgian state, which is now slowly sinking, Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Shalva Papuashvili said.

According to him, it was the result of the efforts of Samnidze and her other colleagues that Georgia did not get candidate status last June.

Khatuna Samnidze, her party and her political group as well. She is the chairwoman of the Reforms Group and who is she talking to? Giorgi Vashadze is a member of her group. She and her other colleagues were involved in hindering Georgia for a year and a half. It was the result of their efforts that last year, in June, Georgia did not get candidate status. Then their efforts were successful. It seems that now they see and feel that their anti-Georgian ship is sinking - one group is trying to escape from this sinking ship, the other part is trying to save, in some way, the ship of anti-Georgian sentiments and anti-Georgian politics. There are last attempts to somehow disrupt the success of Georgia. There are two groups in the opposition - one group that still has hope of disrupting the process of granting status to Georgia, and the other group that sees the ship sinking and is now trying to leave this ship. They thought that the ship was sailing firmly against the interests of Georgia and they were very comfortable in this ship. Khatuna Samnidze herself had not refrained from making damaging statements about Georgia and during the meetings she had been openly talking about how bad the country was. Now they see that this ship is sinking and they are trying to escape from the ship and help themselves", said Shalva Papuashvili.

For information, the Chairwoman of the Republican Party, Khatuna Samnidze, said on PalitraNews TV yesterday that there are people in the ranks of the opposition who talk behind closed doors with European partners about the fact that Georgia's EU membership candidate status should be postponed and it should be granted to the country after the 2024 elections. As Samnidze noted, she called on her opposition colleagues to stop spreading damaging messages about Georgia's candidate status.

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