Shalva Papuashvili: NATO membership is a political issue that has its own time and context - the main thing is that our aspiration is clear and this requires a response from NATO

The visit of the parliamentary delegation to the NATO headquarters in Brussels began today. We had a meeting with the representatives of the NATO member states, where we talked about the security issues in the region. Also, on Georgia's aspirations for NATO membership, the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Shalva Papuashvili, stated during his visit to Brussels.

As the Chairman of the Parliament noted, the main topic of the conversation was Georgia's aspiration to join NATO.

"Once again, we have support from NATO in terms of rapprochement. Also, we talked about issues related to Georgia's security challenges in this difficult period. Among them, the decisions of the Georgian government to fully ensure security based on the challenges and, at the same time, stand in solidarity with Ukraine. Among them, we talked about the issues of avoiding the evasion of sanctions and received full support from the partners. Georgia is an outstanding partner of NATO. Cooperation and assistance are provided in various formats, which will continue. As for membership, it is clear that this is a political issue that has its own time and context. The main thing is that our aspiration is clear and it requires a response from NATO to achieve greater integration," said the Chairman of the Parliament.

According to the Chairman of the Parliament, Georgia is a conscientious partner of NATO.

"Our contribution to international security issues is clear. Over the years, Georgia has been a conscientious partner of NATO and its member countries in various parts of the world with the participation of its own personnel. When we talk about peace and security in Georgia, it is peace and security not only for Georgia, but it is also a guarantee of security for NATO and the European Union, because important roads and pipelines pass through the territory of Georgia, which ensures that NATO member countries receive goods and export their own products. Therefore, peace and security in Georgia means maintaining security for the European Union," Papuashvili said.

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