Doctor says Gia Japaridze has skull-brain injury, a wound in the head, injuries on the head and face

Chavchavadze Center researcher Gia Japaridze, who was assaulted by unknown persons, has a spinal cord injury, his condition is stable and examinastions are being conducted. The corresponding statement was made by the doctor of the Khechinashvili clinic.

According to him, Japaridze will probably stay in the clinic today.

"Japaridze's general condition is stable. He is under observation. Laboratory tests are being conducted.

There is a skull-brain injury, a wound in the head. He has injuries on the head and face," added doctor Ivane Avazashvili.

Chavchavadze Center researcher Gia Japaridze was attacked late at night. As his brother Zurab Japaridze, the leader of Girchi-More Freedom states, he was assaulted by several people near his house entrance.

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