In Khelvachauri, part of the residents of the so-called "Dream City" state that the list of persons and who will receive the housing is unclear

Some of the residents of the so-called "City of Dream" in Khelvachauri state that the list of people who will recieve the housing is unclear.

According to the citizens, they were not given the opportunity to ask questions to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze.

As the residents of the "City of Dream" say, the homeless should be treated fairly and transparently.

"Nobody has given us residential apartments. To date, the lists are not known - who owns the apartment. They came, but we could not understand the list. We came ourselves, they provided us with unclear documents, nothing is written there. The people did not hear who we belong to," said those gathered.

Human rights defender Tamaz Bakuridze states that the process should be transparent.

"The process should be transparent, who owns the apartment. The population is in uncertainty, so they are asking for an accurate list. Statuses are not defined. Today the government came and made an advertisement, exactly this government threatened the residents here with eviction. It is to the credit of the people that these apartments were built. Many people ask me who owns the apartment. They asked the government, but they didn't answer, shouldn't they bring the list today and tell the people who it belongs to? Everyone here was dissatisfied", Tamaz Bakuridze says.

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze was in the so-called "City of Dream". According to the information of the government of Adjara, 582 families will recieve the housing in the so-called "City of Dream".

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