Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan request Georgian Ambassador to provide explanations

Azeri media has released information about the summoning of the ambassador of Georgia to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.

According to the local media, Ambassador of Georgia Zurab Pataridze was asked to provide explanations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan about the incident that took place on the territory of Davit Gareji monastery complex on July 14, namely about “border-crossing by a group of certain individuals, attack on Azerbaijani border guards and their insult".

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan demanded the Georgian side to carry out an investigation, take appropriate measures and inform official Baku about it.

"We regret that such actions are completely contrary to the strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Georgia and we see this as a provocation aimed at creating confrontation between the two countries," reads the statement of the press service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

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