Rustavi 2” TV journalists say Kibar Khalvashi rejects their requests

“Rustavi 2” TV journalists have met with new Director General of the TV company – Paata Salia. As the journalists said after the meeting, Paata Salia has undergone consultations with Kibar Khalvashi, who refused to set up a Public Board, which will provide the editorial independence of the journalists. According to them, Kibar Khalvashi also refuses to sign the document, according to which, the owner of the TV channel is taking the obligation to ensure the independence of the editorial independence.

“There is no a written guarantee of what we are talking about now and furthermore, with the form, which was offered by them. This is not the form that is necessary for gaining the trust between us. We will continue to work and I told them that if there is any symptom that somebody tries to interfere we must talk about it by all means,” Paata Salia said.

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