3 of 4 detainees remain in custody in Tskhinvali

The Tskhinvali occupation regime detained four Georgian citizens near the occupation line, but one of them, 15-year-old Avtandil Gamkhitashvili, who was together with his father during the detnetion, was then released, while 3 detainees were transferred to Tskhinvali.

According to the reports, they were arrested on December 7.

Emzar and Merab Gamkhitashvilis and Giorgi Zaridze – residents of the villages of Bojami and Lamiskana were likely searcing for firewood near the dividing line.

Gela Karumidze, the mayor of Kaspi municipality, has no information about the detention.

Lali Gigauri, wife of one of the detainees, told InterPressNews that the detainees would probably be released tomorrow. "Yeas, they are detained and are are not aware of the details. They will probably be released tomorrow," – she said.

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