Kakha Kaladze: We have challenges in the construction sector, there is a problem of qualified labor - contractor companies often have shortcomings and a lot of fines are written

According to the Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze, there are many challenges in the field of construction in the country, and among them, the qualified workforce.

According to him, it is a pity that the contractors failed to fulfill the necessary obligations for the rehabilitation of Tsereteli Avenue.

"I understand that there is little time left, but at the end of January traffic will be restored in both directions, this is fundamentally important for us. We have made a number of announcements in this regard, the ongoing works will be completed within the stipulated time. It is a pity that the contracting companies failed to fulfill their obligations under the contract. This is not the first case, and it does not only concern the City Hall. In general, we have challenges in the field of construction, there is a problem of qualified labor. It will take some time to develop in this direction. During the implementation of projects of such a scale, the contracting companies often have errors, many fines are written in the process. We ask for only a few topics - safety during the execution of works, quality and that the companies meet the contractual deadlines. That's exactly why we let [companies] go, that there are a few weeks left and they tell us that maybe the work will be moved to February. This is not the right attitude", said Kakha Kaladze.

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