Kakha Kaladze: I have no interest and financial ability to buy "Dinamo" - as for the construction of buildings at the Dighomi training base, I would not advise anyone to demolish the base - as long as I am the mayor of the capital, such a decision will not be made

I have no interest in buying "Dinamo". I have no financial opportunity - I would not advise anyone to raise their hand and demolish the training base of Dighomi, - the mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze, told the media about this.

According to him, the destruction of the training base is unacceptable, as it preserves the history of the country.

I have always been a fan of "Dinamo", my success started with this team. I have no interest in buying Dynamo. I have no financial opportunity. You might buy something, but there's a lot of responsibility involved in making it right. Due to my character, if I put my hands on something, I want it to be done as best as possible. I will not take a step that might be problematic. There was no stage of negotiations. I don't have the financial ability to buy a club. It needs a lot of money to be invested to keep it running. Make such a team to play in the Champions League. In whatever condition "Dinamo" is in today, I cannot and will not be able to keep it in the same condition. Also, there was talk about the demolition of the Dighomi base and the construction of buildings. It was amazing. I saw the announcement on the social network. I have great respect for [Vladimir] Gutsaev, based on his past, he was a great player. The attitude to demolish the Dighom training base, which is the history of our country, is incomprehensible. As long as I am the mayor of the capital, no such decision will be made. Demolition of the training base is unacceptable.

I will never do this and I would not advise anyone to raise a hand and destroy the Dighomi training base. If someone wants a new base, who limits it? There is plenty of space and opportunity to build a new training base. This is a history that should remain in the country," Kaladze said.

To remind you, the media reported that the mayor of the capital is interested in buying "Tbilisi Dinamo". In particular, according to "Shabati Formula", the president, Roman Fifia, noted that he can no longer handle the club's financial needs. He is ready to transfer 50% share to the new investor. However, only on one condition, the new business partner must agree to his proposals.

According to "Shabati Formula", Kakha Kaladze asked his friend, a businessman, to reform Dinamo at this stage.

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