Kakha Kaladze: I don't think there is a politician in Georgia who could break up the "National Movement", except for Levan Khabeishvili

I don't think a politician can be found in Georgia who could break up the "National Movement" except for Levan Khabeishvili, - said the general secretary of "Georgian Dream" Kakha Kaladze.

According to him, it is Khabeishvili who best explains why the "National Movement" is collapsing. In addition, Kaladze perceives the dissolution of the "National Movement" as an irreversible process."Generally, there is a regrouping in the opposition, in reality they are representatives of one group, today they may be called one name, tomorrow another, yesterday they were "National Movement", today they are "Lelo", it has no essential meaning. The society already knows who these people are, what they represent, what drives them, who they are governed by, where they are governed from, everything is clear and clear. Therefore, who will go where and which party he will leave or join is of no essential importance. They hate our country, they don't have a homeland, they are stateless people, they have specific tasks, where, how, from whom, we all know, and they are fulfilling this task", said Kaladze.

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