Mayor of Tbilisi: You will not find any fact in nature that Kakha Kaladze has committed anything against the law

In nature, you will not find any fact that Kakha Kaladze is involved in anything illegal, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said in response to a journalist's question, according to which one of the arrested customs officials in his testimony says that Kakha Kaladze has financial interests in the construction business and cargoes that are in the country. Customs documents are falsified.

"You are trying to spread nonsense, you are in speculations and intrigues. Am I falsifying documents? Please stop this nonsense, it will be my request", said Kakha Kaladze.

To the question - whether the investigative agencies had any kind of questions with him, the mayor of Tbilisi answers that at no stage of his life, neither in sports nor during his time in politics, did such a fact take place.

"No never. I repeat once again, you will not find any facts, there is no such thing in nature, that Kakha Kaladze will ever enter into something against the law - in sports, after sports, in politics. You will not see such a fact simply because it does not exist. I will teach you where to look for such people, in which specific political party, etc.", said the mayor of the capital.

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