Roman Gotsiridze: I consider myself a part of a big coalition - I see myself in a coalition and not in any party

I consider myself a part of a big coalition - I see myself in a coalition and not in any party, - Roman Gotsiridze, a deputy of EuroOptimists, said speaking to journalists.

According to him, after the process of fluctuations of the National Movement is over, the opposition will have the opportunity to imagine the model of how it will participate in the parliamentary elections.

"I always see myself in that big political union, that is, in a coalition or alliance, which, after overcoming the barrier, together with the Natio­nal Movement and the Gakharia party (most likely, the Gakharia party will also overcome) will create a new coalition and form the government. This model has always been supported by me. I consider myself part of a larger coalition. Since leaving the Nati­onal Movement, I have never said that I am joining any party - either the already existing or newly created," Gotsiridze said.

As the opposition politician points out, Nika Gvaramia and Nika Melia's party "Akhali" has great prospects and resources for expansion.

"What the position of the opposition will be at the start of the pre-election, it is impossible to predict until the processes in the Natio­nal Movement are finished. We thought that this process was over and Nika Melia's supporters would create a party, suddenly, we got a completely different reality, and Gvaramia with his supporters also separated from the Natio­nal Movement. It is good that two parties are not created, in this case, the creation of one powerful party, which has a great perspective, is correct. The process of fluctuations of the Natio­nal Movement should end. After that, the opposition will have an opportunity to imagine the model - more seats in the parliament by overcoming the 5% barrier, or replacement of the government," Gotsiridze said.

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