Kakha Kaladze: Mamuka Khazaradze was told what to say and he repeats it - the Anaklia port project, with Khazaradze's involvement, was doomed from the start

Mamuka Khazaradze had the support of the state and the opportunity to postpone the deadline, however, he could not bring any business group into the Anaklia port project, the mayor of the capital told the media in response to the criticism of Mamuka Khazaradze, the leader of the "Lelo" party.

As Kakha Kaladze pointed out, Mamuka Khazaradze criticizes the issue of Chinese company's participation in the construction of Anaklia port, however, at the time he himself wanted to bring in Chinese companies.

"Mamuka Khazaradze was told what to say and he repeats it. In reality, during the construction of the port of Anaklia, he wanted to bring in Chinese companies, but he failed to do so. However, he had enough time, opportunity, support from the state, and the possibility to postpone the deadlines for this. He failed to bring in any business groups. The mentioned project, with his involvement, was doomed to failure from the beginning", Kakha Kaladze noted.

According to him, the involvement of Chinese companies in such a large-scale project is welcome, as it will contribute to the development of the country's economy and the creation of jobs.

"In general, when implementing a project of this scale, the presence of Chinese companies is important for a region like Georgia. If there is no cargo, the port will not work. You can imagine, China has trade relations with the European Union worth about 800 billion. Even if a certain part of it goes through Georgia, how much benefit and how important it is for our country's economy, job creation and development. We only welcome this", said the mayor of Tbilisi.

For information, according to Khazaradze, Russia does not want a modern port built in partnership with the West in Georgia, and that is why this opportunity was given to the Chinese company.

"You have taken away the perspective of the Georgian people, hundreds of thousands of jobs, which the Anaklia project in partnership with the European Union and the USA provided. If it weren't for your attack on us and the project, the first ship would have arrived in Anaklia in 2020, and Georgia would be a different country.

This is what I have been working for for years, and that is exactly why the construction of the Anaklia port is a priority in the "Lelo" program, but your "Russian Dream" has blocked this project with an evil intention, because your boss Putin does not want a modern port built in partnership with the West in Georgia.

That's why you give this project to a Chinese company that has been exposed for corruption, labor rights violations and project abandonment.

I promise you, you will be asked to answer for all crimes with the full strictness of the law, and for betraying the country, our people and the future will give you a strict answer!", Mamuka Khazaradze writes on the social network, with which he addresses Irakli Gharibashvili.

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