Parliament’s Vice-speaker says Vashadze significantly lost support after Saakashvili’s inadequate statements

I think the “National Movement” and Grigol Vashadze significantly lost the support [of voters] after Saakashvili made inadequate statements, - Parliament’s Vice-Speaker Gia Volsky told reporters on Thursday. He said destabilization is the part of Saakashvili’s plan.

“Each citizen of Georgia is fears of such a perspective. Saakashvili is not only stubborn but he is acting in accordance to certain plan of destabilization. He has a certain strategic plan and the destabilization is the part of this plan,” Gia Volsky said.

In a live interview with Rustavi 2 TV, ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili said that regardless of the election results, they were moving to mass movement of disobedience. “I call upon Georgian police to stand on the side of the people, I call upon the armed forces, not to fulfill illegal orders, and I call upon upstanding civil servants to distance themselves from the criminal, Mafioso gang that took hold of Georgia,” he added.

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