According to Nino Lomjaria, discussions are underway as to how the Public Defender will be involved in Mikheil Saakashvili's case

According to the Public Defender, Nino Lomjaria, discussions are underway on how the Ombudsman will be involved in the case of the third president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili.

As she explains, one of the forms can be the submission of a friend of the court opinion. In this way, she answered the journalist's question whether she would recommend that he be taken abroad for treatment as a friend of the court.

"We will deliver the report confidentially. As of this moment, I have no confirmation that I, or my doctors, will speak publicly about the diagnosis and the content of the report. Therefore, we will clarify these circumstances. If we have an agreement, we will talk more. I have active consultations with my medical council, we will let you know. This is the opinion of the expert.

We are actively communicating with the council. Today, certain issues were to be clarified, which is why my representative was on the spot," noted Lomjaria.

In addition, she answered the journalist's question about how she would evaluate the statement of Shalva Khachapuridze, the lawyer of the third president of Georgia, that the case of postponement of Saakashvili's sentence is being considered by judge Giorgi Arevadze. According to her, "probably, it would not be right to make preliminary assessments about the judge".

"Trust and mistrust in the judge is caused by the decisions he makes. After we have our position, I will try to make it substantiated and argued. Of course, if in the future we see that the judge will not make the right decision, then it will be more correct to talk about it then," Lomjaria stated.

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