MP, former UNM chairman
Grigol Vashadze


1981 - Moscow State University, International Relations

Professional Experience

2008 - 2012 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

2008 - 2008 - Minister of Culture of Georgia

2008 - 2008 - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

1988 - 1990 - USSR Foreign Affairs Ministry, Diplomatic Academy

1986 - 1988 - USSR Delegation member to the Geneva Disarmament Conference

1982 - 1988 - USSR Foreign Affairs Ministry, Space and Nuclear Arm Devision

1981 - 1988 - USSR Foreign Affairs Ministry, International Organizations Division

Honorary Degree

Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order, I rank (01 Jan 2012)

Special Representative of the Prime Minister for Relations with Russia
Zurab Abashidze
Former PM of Georgia; For Georgia chairman
Giorgi Gakharia
President of Georgia
Salome Zurabishvili
Grigol Vashadze leaves the Parliament
Shalva Papuashvili: 2 years after the war, Mikheil Saakashvili and Grigol Vashadze participated in the Astana summit, where not only Lavrov but also Vladimir Putin participated - so now saying that it is impossible to talk together with the occupier in the same hall and space is absolute hypocrisy
Paata Manjgaladze: Georgian Dream and the Constitutional Court said that the President is a pitcher that echoes everything that the government says - then why do we need a president at all?!
Prime Minister: I want to express my surprise, why they sanctioned Partskhaladze, it is inexplicable to me - there are no known facts that he has done anything to the detriment of the interests of our country and to the benefit of the interests of other countries, he is a businessman
Paata Manjgaladze: We are ready for any compromise, if necessary, we will participate in the elections with the number "5"
TI Georgia: In 2022, 126 MPs exercised their right to speak, 18 MPs did not use this right at all, 99 MPs used the right to legislative initiative
TI Georgia: 18 MPs had not used their right to deliver a speech in the Parliament during 2022
Over 130 former high political and administrative officials call on authorities to transfer Mikheil Saakashvili abroad for treatment
Grigol Vashadze: Saakashvili looks like a sick child, he is weakened, he is just 80 kilos and the leadership of Georgian Dream is laughing at us - are not you Christians?
Grigol Vashadze: The fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service together have almost twice as much funding as the Ministry of Defense is a complete disaster - how long should the Ministry of Foreign Affairs be left without attention?
Grigol Vashadze: Saakashvili’s departure from politics will change a lot for the National Movement, the most important chapter will be closed in the history of Georgian politics
Grigol Vashadze: Never ask anything to a person who says that the EU candidate status brings nothing to the state
Grigol Vashadze: All the people who were financial managers in the embassies, when we were in power, have now become ministers - and you see the result!
The political debate scheduled for today in Parliament has been postponed to May 25
Political debates to be held in the Parliament today
Grigol Vashadze: Prime Minister of Georgia is trying to damage the relations between Georgia and Ukraine as much as possible, it's either order or his own initiative
Grigol Vashadze: I have never said that the Government is pro-Russian, it tries to sit on 3-4 chairs at the same time - the allies won't forgive Georgia for deviating from the sanctions regime
Nika Melia: There are people in the opposition, who try to whitewash the Government, and they are more harmful
Levan Dolidze - Instead of focusing on the steps that should bring us further progress, we are creating new barriers on the path to the EU