Georgia’s exports decreased by 5.9 %, imports – by 1.4 %

The external merchandise trade (excluding non-declared trade) of Georgia amounted to USD 2 773.9 million in January-March 2020, 2.7 percent lower compared to the same period of the last year, the Georgian National Statistics Office (Geostat) said on Tuesday.

According to the preliminary data, the exports equaled USD 778.2 million (5.9 percent lower), while the imports stood at USD 1 995.8 million (1.4 percent lower).

The negative trade balance was USD 1 217.6 million in January-March 2020 and its share in external trade turnover constituted 43.9 percent.

In January-March 2020 the share of the top ten trading partners by exports in the total exports of Georgia amounted to 77.9 percent. The top partners were Azerbaijan (USD 121.9 million), China (USD 99.9 million) and Russia (USD 91.2 million).

In January-March 2020 the share of the top ten trading partners by imports in the total imports of Georgia amounted to 69.8 percent. The top partners were Turkey (USD 348.3 million), Russia (USD 210.1 million) and Azerbaijan (USD 184.3 million).

In January-March 2020 the share of the top ten trading partners in the total external trade turnover of Georgia amounted to 71.1 percent. The top trading partners were Turkey (USD 402.2 million), Azerbaijan (USD 306.2 million) and Russia (USD 301.4 million).

In January-March 2020 copper ores and concentrates reclaimed the first place in the list of top export items, equaling USD 159.0 million or 20.4 percent of total exports. The exports of motor cars totaled USD 127.9 million and their share in the total exports amounted to 16.4 percent. The ferroalloys exports occupied the third place standing at USD 58.2 million and constituting 7.5 percent of the total exports.

The top import commodities in January-March 2020 were motor cars whose imports equaled USD 173.8 million (8.7 percent of the total imports). The petroleum and petroleum oils followed in the list with USD 150.4 million (7.5 percent of imports). The petroleum gases and other gaseous were third in the top import commodity list with USD 135.5 million (6.8 percent of imports).

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